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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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memorial. numerous people visited the trail during the day. >> it's shocking. i don't have any words for it. i don't know. i don't know what to sway it. reporter: carter and his wife spent a lost of time at the resort in lake county which burned down in the valley fire. they created the living institute based in middletown. they moved to costa rica but returned so his wife could be created for breast cancer. she has this page to help cover her cost which has become a message about carter's death. >> as you all know we've suffered a lot of loss with the valley fire and then this is just a horrible event that's affecting all of us really very deeply in many ways. >> tell me about steve. what kind of person is he? >> well, everyone loves steve. he was a really loving man, and he devoted his life to the arts of love. reporter: the suspects are now
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in police custody in oregon. it's unclear when they'll be brought back to here. marin county says they don't know in a murder weapon was recovered. >> john, we know police can track cell phones, but in this case, tell us about gps on the car. reporter: well, again, marin county investigators are not saying of, but they did say they were able to track the car somehow and they did find a location somewhere in the portland area. they told the police who went out and tracked them for a while, followed them and waited until they found a spot where it was safe to actually apprehend them and then they went and made the arrest. >> technology was a big role in all of this. live in mar ion, thank you, john. a berkeley police spent the night searching for a shooter who gunned down a man. they have a person in custody. we've learned this suspect was also arrested in connection with another shooting in this same area last year. the shootings happened near the corner of russell and
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california streets in berkeley. that's where we are live with the new developments. cristina. reporter: heather, there's a growing memorial for 24-year- old christian hunter espn arrested, i heart, husband, and deacon of a church in oakland. the alleged gunman was her son's childhood friend. he was loved by so many people. reporter: the 24 yard was murdered berkeley. his mother says she's at peace with his death. >> he is at home. christian is okay. he's out of danger. he won't have no more pain, no more worries. he's free. reporter: she spoke to us inside true faith baptist church a place where he was a deacon. >> like everybody else, he has his down falls and troubles, but he raised up and got back on track. >> there's known on this -- no
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one on this planet that is perfect. he faced his challenges and dealt with them and it's just really tragic that this happened. reporter: hunter was a produce delivery driver engaged to be mare speed a father two of girls. berkeley police have not released a motive. >> we believe that the suspect and victim were acquainted. there's no outside standing suspect we know of. >> the man was arrested last year in connection with a shooting on the same street that sent two men to the hospital. she doesn't hold any hate. >> i forgive him and he hopefully needs to know that. i love an on this ski that's not going to change. christian is okay and in a better place. i know i'm going to see him again. reporter: there is a vigil that is planned for later tonight where family and friends are gather here to remember hunter and meanwhile
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the alleged shooter is being held on suspicion of murder. >> did police give us any indication of what the motive might have been for last night he's shooting. >> no, they did not. absolutely not. they don't want to release details because it could jeopardize their investigation. >> reporting live for us in berkeley. thank you. police say a body at livermore's lake is a sales force employee who went missing last last weekend. the park police say a fisherman came upon the body this morning. police believe body is a man from san francisco. investigators say he was taking part in a team building workshop with coworkers when the boat he was on began taking on water. everyone else on the boat managed to swim back to shore. nobody was wearing a life jacket. knew at 5:00, expanding service hit a roadblock. the warm springs station in
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fremont is being pushed back. we will explain the reason for this delay. reporter: heather, it is taking longer than expected expected and a lot of south bay riders are looking forward to this station opening. it's in its final station. bart officials tell me the station won't open until sometime next year. it will be after the first quarter when they know for sure. the count down is on for the five and a half file addition to the bart line. orange riders will be closer to san jose. the $890 million expansion project, as we can see from the air and on the groined, construction is pretty much done. one of the highlights this tunnel that will run underneath lake elizabeth. 94% of the contract is said to be complete and while it's on track with budget, bart won't meet the december finish date. it's very hard to know when you're going to open because it comes down to testing. you can be on time with building it, which is what we
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are. it's just if you hit a snag or the testing is taking a little bit longer or things aren't talking to each other. you have to troubleshoot it then you have a little bit of a delay which is what we're in now. alicia says what you don't see is the critical testing phase, something that's hard to predict how it will go. they must conduct thousands of tests. right now they're testing with dummy trains and then actual trains will be brought in. after that, the puck lib utilities commission will meet to give its approval before it opens. >> we don't have an idea yet. we know the first quarter of next year we'll provide a clear date. everyone that's anticipating the new station opening will get a better -- better idea. reporter: i was hoping it would be open. reporter: this man forgives santa clara -- santa clara and takes the bart to san francisco for his job. >> i'm a little disappointed, but what can i do. >> that's too bad because the residents have been waiting for
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that to open for a while. reporter: when given the reason, most riders took the delay in stride. >> that's understandable. i'm agreeable if it's testing, but eventually it will open. >> bart feels it's not safe enough or it's necessary to do the testing, that's okay. reporter: well, the station needs to open for the bart to sill could not valley project to happen. i'm told this delay will have them pact on that extension project which will begin rider ship in 2017. heather. >> this station is not going to open as expected, but did bart give any new target date? reporter: i asked that question, and they could not narrow it down a specific time. they kept saying until testing is completed, that's when it will open. so we don't know until after the first quarter. it could open as early as march, but it could be later in
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the year. >> bart riders, be patient. officials say the oregon community college shooter who killed nine people died of a self-inflicted -- self inflicted gunshot wound. they say the gunman chris harper mercer was enrolled in the writing class where he opened fire killing his classmates and teacher. he stashed other guns around the campus. the douglas county district attorney said today in a press conference he killed himself inside a classroom after two officers shot him in the right side. >> once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again. he went to the front of the classroom, and he shot and killed himself. >> his mother said that she and her son suffer from autism and shared an enthusiasm for firearms. they went shooting together several times over the years.
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>> eastern kentucky university canceled classes for the rest of the week after graffiti was found in a campus bathroom. it said kill all by 10-8-15. the school increased police presence around the campus today. about 16,000 tides students attend classes at eastern kentucky university. president obama plans to go to oregon friday to meet with survivors and families of the victims of the umpqua college shooting. then he'll head here to the bay area for back-to-back fund razors. he will attend two democratic national committee events before leaving the bay area on saturday. oakland police identified a suspect who was wanted in the killing an ice cream vendor. he was 23 year old lopez. he appears his nare dreadlocks. on saturday, the ice cream vendor was shot and killed on peach street near 94th avenue. a reward of up to $10,000 is
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being offered. governor brown signs a bill in-law today. coming up at 5:30, we talk to an energy expert to see if his goals can be met by the deadline. a scare at a south bay day care center as dozens of children are forced to evacuate. the unusual duties firefighters had to take on once they were safely outside. thieves are right on the sidewalk. the reason police say this art was so attractive to those seeking quick cash. it's warm be up out. there temperatures in the warm side as we head towards the next 48 hours. i'll let you know warm it will get and air quality will take a hit.
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mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that
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this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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police sear offing for thieves who stole expensive artwork. they tell us why it's -- it's so valuable you'll. reporter: peppered with palm trees, joggers and ferry goers, it's a spot for stock brokers and tourists to grab lunch. last month, three sculptures vanished. >> it's unfortunate somebody would try to make a quick buck by taking someone's art. >> it's daunting to know people would actually steal it and stel. >> reporter: promoters noticed they were gone suspect 4th. these photos show what two of the pieces looked like. they are crested of bronze which can be melted down and sold for thousands of dollars. police believe they may be trying to hawk them at a pawnshop or metal recycling center. so they've put an alert out. >> when you have artwork, it's priceless. you never know what they want to put thinned or what it
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stands for. we would rather have the art be returned to the place where people can enjoy. >> san francisco is emerging as an art city. reporter: does it surprise you somebody would do something like that. >> you know what? it doesn't. i mean, it's sad to say, but it doesn't. with the economy, everyone is fighting for what they can to survive. reporter: that doesn't excuse stealing. they says she hopes the thieves are caught as to police who are counting on the public to help them. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco international airport is gearing up for the super bowl with a new exhibit. airport officials have put together a new display in terminal 3 featuring mem bill i can't. some of the items you can check out include one of joe man man -- montana's jersey and a helmet worn by walter peyton
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and gym brown's shoulder pads. >> a million fans will be coming for the week long festivities leading up to the super bowl. we want to celebrate welcome fans from all 32 franchise cities and the respective regions. it's been a fun exhibition. reporter: part of the exhibit will focus on the 49ers. with a photo display titled from -- >> they used to have chicken wire over the tunnel where the players went on and off the field because sometimes the team wasn't doing well and they would throw stuff down there. they tried to protect the players. remember that. >> i've been there a few times. i actually never saw a 49ers game but on thanksgiving day, they would play balance bee high school. >> you used to go to that. >> yes. i'm sorry i missed those days. >> it was pretty neat. it was down there in the park,
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a little bit like att and it was in this urban setting. >> i can run there which is different than catching a game you can. >> still see the outer structure. so outside we have a few clouds. warmer today, wormer tomorrow. warmer on friday. nice weather apparent. we talked about it on monday and talking about it again today. i'll be saying the same thing tomorrow. we'll point out different stuff, but the idea is steady as she goes. it might be wormer tomorrow. the real story, obviously, is the east coast. carolina is drying out. on the west coast, that moisture being driven in by all this tropical moisture, which is a hurricane moving away from the islands. it will fall apart but all that metric tonnage of water vapor is in the air. it's kind of an el nino idea. it's a warmer ocean and it helps spawn this hurricane. an hour this hurricane is
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spawning tons of moisture in the atmosphere which is pointed at seattle and portland. >> they're going to get a lot of rain. >> i would say five inches. the idea of this is we get into the winter months and that jet stream slides south. it gets cooler and the jet stream comes south. as it drops south, we get into the opportunity for those showers coming our way. that's the hope for this winter. right now, it looks pretty good. that's a clear signature what we're seeing to the north of us. 84 in fairfield. 86 in river moreno valley. a nice looking day. nice looking day. friday isn't going to be bad either. blue angels this weekend. we using to friday. do you do that friday? >> sure. >> they're going to do practice runs. friday is a good day for that. >> oh, good. >> but if you can't make it this weekend, head over from time to time usually after
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lunchtime they do it. they'll do fly-bys, the whole show. thursday, 7:00 a a.m., patchy fog. these are the high clouds, partly cloudy and sunny. you know it's not fog because it's drifting over the terrain. fog would get stuck at the coast here, but those higher clouds drift. if 80s tomorrow. warmer than today by 3 or 4 degrees. warmer spots tomorrow maybe upper 80s. 74 in san francisco for a daytime high. that's a nice looking day. few clouds and in oakland you're going to go 77. then san jose a bit warmer because you're way from the marine air. 83 for a daytime high. friday is going to look just like that there's the five day forecast. the bay area weekend showing up and it warms up. about the same on friday. drives down on saturday but then up on sunday and monday.
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a nice looking weekend. nice little flat line between hot and not to the. >> yeah. >> it's funny when you're walking in san francisco and you're not ready for it yet and all of a sudden it comes screaming over the top of your made it catches you by surprise. >> every year. you live over there. every year it would just catch me by surprise. >> yeah, but it's so cool at the same time. >> do you remember the year they flew between the buildings? do you remember that? they were flying and flew between the buildings and got in big trouble. that was a big store glee it's good to be a pilot. >> i can imagine. >> oops. first u.s. acknowledged a mistake, an apology, the response from president obama after a hospital was bombed in afghanistan, new at 6:00, a police officer lured and then attacked. the new developments from court as two suspects appear before a judge. new efforts just announced
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to raise the state's cigarette tax. we'll have that at 6:00.
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a fire in los angeles destroyed almost a city block it started about 1:00 this morning in the florence neighborhood of los angeles. more than 250 firefighters were called to battle the fire which damaged or destroyed at least a dozen businesses. there are no reports of any injuries. no word yet on what started that fire. president obama apologized
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to doctors without borders for the u.s. air strikes that hit a hospital in afghanistan are afghanistan. the bombings killed 22 people including patients and staff. 37 others were injured. the president's decision to apologize came after the u.s. commander in afghanistan admitted it was a mistake and the u.s. was responsible. >> the united states when we make a mistake, we're honest about it. we own up to it. we apologize where necessary as the president did in this case. >> at least three investigations were under way. president obama said they would be trance parent, thorough, and octoberive, but doctors without borders is calling for a separate independent investigation and it says the attack may qualify as a war crime. congress sent president obama a huge defense bill that the president has threatened to veto. the bill totals $612 billion and it passed both houses of congress with bipartisan support. it contains all of the money that the president requested,
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but he objects to the way congress is adding the money to get around spending caps. republicans don't see it that way. >> it's become unfortunately clear the president of the united states is more concerned about a budgetary issue and appropriate prations and funding issue than he is of the benefit and welfare of the men and women who serve this country and the ability to defend it. shameful. >> the defense bill clues a 1.3% raise for service members, $715 million to help iraqy forces, extend the ban on torture to the cia and sends weapons tourer ukrainian forces. 15 years, that's how long california has to meet ambitious new climate change goals. coming up, we'll talk to an energy expert to see if we can meet the new goals that were signed in-law today. plus, oakland based pandora announces it's expanding.
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they will get in the concert business.
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jerry boyne signed a claim at bill into law today that establishes ambitious goals, can they shall met. we spoke to an energy ex neater joins us now from the newsroom. reporter: some people will argue that this is going to make california less competitive, but the governor said climate change say threat
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to all humans. the knew environmental law plays out goals. the use of energy and a production of it. by the year 2030 existing buildings must be 50% more energy efficient, a seemingly impossible task. uc berkeley could not mist studies the economics and the technologies and says that will come from increased conservation technology, reduced demand in energy -- when energy is scarce and more efficient heating and cooling. >> there's a reasonable chance of getting there, but that's because we're not daring to the energy use today but to a target based on the past and potential future use if we did nothing. reporter: the other goal is requiring half of all the state's energy come from renewable sources as opposed to the 25% we have now. >> 50% is not that big a lift.
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it will require integrating intermittent renewable to a greater extent than we had before. that's a good thing to be experimenting with. one of the questions s how much renewable can you really put on the grid and keep it stable. reporter: the problem, renewable such as solar and wind work fine when the sun is shining and wind is blowing making them less reliable than the 24-7 natural gas power plant. we'll have to figure out new ways to store renewable energy. >> we have not made the huge advances in other storage device. we hope we have made advances, and i think that will play a significant role at least in experimenting and seeing what works. reporter: a highly controversial section that would ruse pet roll yum use was strung from the bill before it was signed. fox 2 news. thank you. the follow government plans to release 6,000 prisoners at
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the end of the month. they were convicted of non- violent drug crimes. many of those were sentenced in the 1990s when the penalties were much more strict than they are now. in order to be released, they must ask a judge to have their sentence reassessed and shortened. >> what will happen is they will first go to halfway houses where sometimes there is kingdom and sometimes they help them get jobs. then they'll go to home confinement and then they'll be under the supervisory of u.s. probation services. >> there are more than 200,000 people serving time in federal presidentens. that is up from 25,000 from 1980. about a third of the inmates being released run documented immigrants who'll be deported. a superior court judge is reidentifiesing -- refusing to dismiss a lawsuit who accuses bill cosby of molesting her. she says he molested her in the
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919 -- 1970s. her previous attorney failed to follow rules for how older sex abuse cases should be handled. more than two dozen women have come forward saying the 78-year- old comedian sexually assaulted them. he has never been charged with a crime. tensions tonight in the air. a u.s. military plane was forced to change its route to avoid becoming dangerously close to a warplane. rush has started launching missiles into syria from ships hundreds of miles away. reporter: russia ramps up its military action in syria. the defense minister says moscow is using war ships to launch attacks in syria. >> according to date a all targets were destroyed. civilian objects were not damaged. reporter: the missile strikes are in addition to the air come pain they began last week, which they say is against isis
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but u.s. officials believe is really targeting rebels. >> of course is too early to sum up the results, but so far it deserves high prays. >> russian fighter jets have intercepted drones at least three times in the skies over syria. sources here at the pentagon say moscow has not attempted to shoot down the drones flying above isis territory but have flown close enough to make their presence felt. the defense secretary criticizing the strad gee. >> we believe this is a mistake. despite what the russians say, we have not agreed to cooperate with russia so long as they continue to pursue mistaken strategy and hit these targets. >> technical discussions with russia concerning pilot safety during missions in syria will continue.
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russia's missile strikes mark the first time moscow has targeted isis territory. at the pent john, jennifer griffith, fox news. a court ruling will have a big effect. the highest court has invalidated the safe harbor pact way laws for the free transfer of data between the u.s. and europe. the ruling does not ban the transfer of data, but it means the authorities can review what kinds of information are sent across the atlantic. >> we need safeguards and businesses need legal certainty. the guide ans should help avoiding a patchwork of contradicting decisions by the national data protection authorities and therefore provides predict ability for citizens and businesses alike. >> an ought trailian law student filed the lawsuit saying the u.s. did not offer sufficient protection against surveillance of data collected in europe and transferred by
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facebook to its servers in the u.s. facebook released a statement, facebook like many companies relies on a number of the methods prescribed by eu law to transfer date to the u.s. from europe aside from safe harbor. the big purchase by pandora that was announced today that will get you into concerts. a recall for volkswagen. the country where it will begin and why u.s. owners may have to wait a while. doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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oakland's music streaming company pandora is expanding. it's buying ticket fly. this deal is worked $450 million. this move allows pandora to tell when the artists are in town. a possible strike is looming tonight at fiat as the united auto workers union and the carmaker go to the wire. the union sent its strike notice yesterday. the factory workers could walk out at 11:59 p.m. union members rejected the tentative agreement with the company last week saying it did not go far enough in restoring benefits that the auto workers lost in previous contracts. the head of volkswagen in
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the u.s. is set to testify before congress tomorrow about the company's efforts to cheat emissions tests. volkswagen america ceo provided a copy of his written statement. it doesn't say when he first learned about the problem. vw says its recall is set to start in germany in january. the carmaker has not said when the recall will saturday. if u.s., it expects it to be completed by the end of next year. the stock market posted solid gains. that fantasy football scandal is widening tonight. the new york attorney general is now launching an inquiry. officials want to know if employees at fantasy football sites access company data to benefit personally. reporter: the big money behind fantasy football is in question
5:39 pm
once again. draft king and fan duel are under fire. police are using inside information to earn big payouts. draft kings and fan duel have been asked for internal date a the ceo spoke to fox business. >> we have done everything, i think, to investigate this incident and very clearly found through evidence that we pulled, records of win data was sent to this employee, that there was absolute flow no wrongdoing here. reporter: meanwhile, fan duel says there's photographed of cheating, but it's permanently banning employees from playing daily fantasy. there have been new consequences. espn is cutting the content within its shows. it will continue broadcasting commercials from the daily fantasy sports site. >> i don't know what the legal resource is -- recourse is going to be. i think these are actually cool platforms if they were to go
5:40 pm
away. reporter: 21st century fox is an investor in draft kings. for more on this, use the channel finder on a scare today at a south bay day care center where a fire forced dozens of children to evacuate. the cause of the fire and the unusual duties firefighters had to perform once everyone was outside. plus, there's a bunch of wines here on the shelf that would you never see in a store or in the past would you never see in the grocery store. >> you are seeing it now. how one chain is changing the way airstop shop for wine. tracking that warm-up in your neighborhood. you felt it today like 3 or 4 degrees from the hotspots. it's going to keep warming. how much wormer is it going to get? we'll get those specifics after the break.
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san jose firefighters took on unusual duties after a scare at a south bay child care center. the good news, dozens of children got out safely. reporter: a site in san jose today, baby cribs on the sidewalk. it happened right in the middle of the workday, around 1:30 this afternoon at the kitty
5:44 pm
academy child care. >> i was panicked. reporter: firefighters were hosing down insulation and say the fire accidentally started between the walls of the day care -- day care. >> there was a plumber inside doing work. sometimes when that happens, there can be an exposure as they're heating up the pipes. it catches the wood on fire. reporter: investigators say it's fort fortunate flames didn't travel to the rest of the building. >> usually we go to the back over here when we have a fire drill, but today it was different. everybody was in the front and back of the school. reporter: once safely outside, all 59 children including 7 babies were kept in the shade and given water by firefighters. teresa's one-year-old daughter started here two weeks ago. >> the kids are having done. -- fun. they got hats. reporter: a sweet interaction
5:45 pm
between the firefighters and children after a real lifeless inin emergency response. the manager of the child care center says they will be closed tomorrow and one worker told me it's a possibility they may not reopen until monday. ktvu fox 2 news. isn't claire a county is moving ahead with a troubled expansion project on the valley medical center. work stopped two weeks ago after the county fired turner construction for lenghty delays. the county has selected another construction company to come in and review the work that's been done and see how fast it can finish the job and for how much. the $300 million project included seismic receipt row fit work and a new wing. the work could be done in about a year. the coast guard says it's ending the search for 33 crew members of a ship that sank during hurricane joaquin last week. it had 28 americans and 5 polish nationals a board had it
5:46 pm
became disabled. one unidentified body was found. it is believed to be 3 miles blow the ocean surface. the season much is now focused on recovering the ship's data recorder. in south carolina crews scramble to shore up a dam. 1,000 residents were evacuated until that dam was secured. work like this is being done at many dams and rivers after a week of heavy rains and flooding. people say they've never seen anything like this. >> it's the worst i've seen since i've been living here and of course my heart goes out to a lot of families in columbia and the surrounding areas. it's something that you don't really expect to ever happen to you. >> where the water has receded, people are trying to salvage what we can but now flood waters are making their way to the coast and that's triggering own more concerns. at least 17 deaths have been reported from the flooding in south and north carolina. >> such a sad situation when
5:47 pm
you see those images and then here it's beautiful. let's check in with bill martin. it makes you feel bad when you see it. i've been going back and forth with john naturally back there. john wrote me. he's a meteorologist in columbia. he said we saw the threat last week. it was being forecast. as we got closer and hoped it wouldn't happen, it was hard for all of us to imagine what 12 to 24 inches would do in one day. we just knew it would be catastrophic so we tried to warn as much as possible. unfortunately it did not turn out to be a storm that you could see -- that would you see once in a generation. one river broke its all-time record. we don't know how much more than 10 feet was the river itself got swept away. it's awful here. john's a full-blown meteorologist. he's got his master in meteorology. we haven't seen anything like
5:48 pm
that. >> 10 feet above? that's crazy. >> once in 1,000 year storm. they knew it was coming. what do you do? >> a short amount of time. >> as we move towards this el nino, things like that can happen. we've seen '98 in particular, we've seen 12 inches of rain 14 inches of rain up in that fairfax area. that causes problems. you know, you be careful what you wish for. you saw what happened out there. it's just interesting. the weather has been not very typical on the east coast or west coast. here's what we have outside. you see a beautiful shot. a little bit of patchy fog. that's typical. the weather was typical. it goes against what i said. it's been an unusual year. here's the loop. i want to show thaw plume. that's moisture coming up from the hawaiian island chain. that's massive amounts of moisture that will continue to
5:49 pm
stream in the pacific northwest. they're going to get rain. this is an indication of what you would ex neb an el nino year. top ral moisture driven north. we will want that moisture in november when the jet stream. it's game on. we're going to get real wet. a storm like that could produce -- that's a river is what it is. a storm like that with all that moisture could produce -- we've seen it produce 10 inches of rain in 24 hours or 36 hours. we've talked about those before. again, you have to picture the atmosphere like a river and you have not just one level but all layers, a thick layer is just inundated with moisture. it starts to rain. it slams into our coastal hills and it starts to rain. so that's the thing we're looking for. so we have to be careful what
5:50 pm
we wish for, but hopefully we will see rain this winter. temperatures tomorrow, there they go. lots of 80s, 70s. warmer day tomorrow. this looks like a lot like friday. tomorrow and friday, very similar. just a little bit warmer than today. 74 in san francisco tomorrow. we can to oakland. they go up to 77 for a daytime high. beautiful day. i'm trying to find the tribune. then we go to san jose. forecast high there, 84, 83 tomorrow. 72 at lunchtime. a nice day tomorrow and then the five day forecast, just like. this warmer, about the same on friday, temperatures trend down a little on saturday. then they come up sunday and monday. so a little bit warmer on those days. that letter from john struck me. i talked to him on a phone and when you're in it like that, you see it and you're part of it -- we can't really -- it was like super storm sandy f you're not there, you just don't get
5:51 pm
what really happened or a katrina. >> i remember covering all the flood years where we have rain for days and days and then here come the mud slides and they hit everywhere. the ground just can't take it anymore. then you get houses that get crushed. that's the down side of el nino that's the problem. at some point you reach critical mass on how much water we can take. that's kind of what we having to. we have to replenish it. it's going to be a very interesting year. a bare area grocery chain wants to become a destination for wine connoisseurs. the intention is to deliver the world of wine in a grocery store new at 6:00, concerns that a bay area elementary school on something going on
5:52 pm
outside of class. >> while parents are sitting in cars, students are saying enough is enough.
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5:54 pm
a debate between three felons and undergraduates from harvard in a way that many would not have predicted.
5:55 pm
a harvard debate team beat by presidenters in -- prisoners. the topic of the debate was immigration and education. the debate judge said while both sides did a good job. the harvard college debate team fell short. the prison team had its first debate in 2014 where it beat the medical tarry academy at westpoint. at bay area public library was closed because of bedbugs. they shut the doors yesterday after a bedbug was found on a chair there. a pest control company is treating it for the critters and a special bedbug sniffing dog is set to inspect the rooms tomorrow before the building reopens. you may remember that bedbugs were recently found in libraries in palo alto and berkeley. where do you go when you need a bottle of wine, a big selection and a little bit of help? a wine shop is popular, but a
5:56 pm
bay area grocery store is changing that. it's a trend that could be spreading across the country. reporter: the search for the perfect wine is changing. >> so the french wines are here. which one are you looking for. reporter: you can see just how much in the aisles of the local grocery stores. >> because we are in napa valley, we expect more out here. reporter: they are getting more, a lot more in both numbers and variety. >> typical store will have somewhere between 1500 and 2,000 items. in the store we have 2500 give wines you can buy. there's a bunch of wines on the shelf that you would never see in a grocery store or let's say in the past you've never seen in the grocery stores. the intention is to deliver the world of wine inside of a grocery store. reporter: this is a new approach by the chain to meet the growing demands and budgets of the wine consumer.
5:57 pm
so instead of a wine aisle, this is a wine shop complete with wine steward. >> for a long time, it has been stocking and just put wines on the shelfes and bented customers to buy them. now we are trying to deliver the experience. reporter: which includes a lot of wine education and wine tastings in the deli. >> there is quite a difference in the wine from different areas of california. so central coast -- reporter: that's where the he had case comes? >> absolutely. reporter: it seems to be working. 25 stores now have wine tasting licenses with 10 to 15 more expected by the end of the year. they boast beer and wine gardens. still, it's been challenging with some higher end wines not sure they wanted to be on this shelf. >> so i get resistance sometimes initially people say we don't want to sell our wines in your store, you're a grocery store and then i generally take them to one of our stores and say look at our store. it's -- this is upscale. reporter: traditional wine
5:58 pm
shops may not be so thrilled by the new competition although curtis insists getting more people to understand and appreciate wine is good for the entire industry. >> a little bit harder. reporter: and success here could lead to changes in the aisles of drove radio stores across the country. >> it's happening not just here but we happen to be probably two, three years ahead everyone else. reporter: in napa, ktvu fox 2 news. fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. we begin with a speed bump in bart's plans to ex tanned service to the south bay. the opening of the warm springs station is being pushed back. even though most of the work is complete. it's the testing phase that could send the project off track. reporter: the count down is on for the nearly five national mile addition of the bart line
5:59 pm
to warm springs. sky fox is overhead. the $890 million expansion project. as we can see from on the air and ground, construction is pretty much done. one of the highlights, this tunnel that will run underneath lake elizabeth. 94% of the contract is said to be complete. while it's on track with budget, bart won't make the expected finish date. >> it's hard to know when you'll open. you can be on time with building is. it's just if you hit a snag or the testing is taking a little bit longer, things aren't talking to each other like they're supposed to and you have to troubleshoot it, then you have a little bit of a delay, which is what we're in now. reporter: she says what you don't see is the critical testing phase, something that's hard to predict how it will go given officials must conduct thousands of tests from the automatic train control, communications, to the power systems. right now they're testing with dummy trains, then actual bart trains will be brought in.
6:00 pm
after that, the public utilities commission will need to give approval before it opens. >> we don't have an idea yet. we note first quarter of next year we'll be able to provide a clear date. everyone that's anticipating the station opening will get a better idea. >> i was really hoping that the warm springs one would be open. reporter: this man lives in santa clara and commutes four hours every day for his job. >> a little bit disappointed. >> oh, no that's too bad because the fremont residents have been waiting for that to hope for a while. reporter: when given the reason, most riders we spoke to took the delay in stride. >> that's understandable. i'm agreeable if it's testing. eventually it will open. >> if bart feels it's not safe enough or it's necessary to do the testing, that's okay. reporter: the station needs to open for the bart to sill could not valley project to happen. this delay won't impact that extension project which


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